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Thursday, December 17, 2015

_HowTo: Demistifying Rotary Encoders

For a new project, I needed a way to reduce parts and complexity, so it was time to finally bite the bullit and start working on a microcontroller. My experience with embedded controllers dates back at least 35 years, which is why I had been putting the decision off for a long time. Things changed in that period, and I was not keen to dive in yet. After investigating the available solutions, I decided on the PicAXE family due to the very complete design environment, and the availability of a programming language other than C or C++.

The new project needed a large selection method for frequencies and voltages, and traditional rotary switches became expensive and complex. So I decided to use a rotary encoder together with an embedded controller. It also solved the problem of a complicated frontpanel, because I now could use a display driven by the controller.

While researching rotary encoders, I learned a lot about decoding them, and eventually decided on a method that is adequate for my application.

I wrote two posts on the PicAXE forum to explain this in more details, and here is the link:


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