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Monday, May 18, 2015

A fully automatic PSU with UPS for the Pi

This is a post I wrote for the forum, to show how to build a power supply unit (PSU) that would handle the starting and stopping/restarting of the Pi dully automatically based on available main power. It also employs a battery powered Universal Power Supply (UPS) to make sure that the Pi can shutdown properly. This design is specifically made for embedded applications (remote locations), file- and webservers, MediaCenters etc. If you cannot tolerate a brown-out or crash, this supply is for you.

One of the main goals was to make it easy for DIY hobbyists with limited resources to build this add on to the Pi.

Here is the link :


I just updated the post to reflect on two different versions of the DC-DC Buck/Boost converter board, and also a method to reduce wasted energy by a simple modification.

This design is continued to be tweaked and upgraded, make sure you have a look every once in a while.

Below are the diagrams of both Buck/Boost variations that I have.

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