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Saturday, December 24, 2022

Null Detector Amplifier

 To my suprise, I found that I never described this project. I did the project way before I started this Blog, and I simply forgot to add it.

It's an old project, dating from 2016. It was part of my quest to build a Mini Metrology Lab based on the documentation made by Conrad Hoffman.

Here is the link to the series:

I also build the Kelvin-Varley voltage divider, and that is described on the Blog.

I purchased a Voltage Reference, so didn't need to build that one.

Anyway, I simply used his intructions and build the unit.

Here are some details:

The perf board sits up-side-down mounted directly on the rotary switche. I use a rechargeable 9V cell to power it.

I also put together the proposed Wien bridge and that served me very well with the resistor selection for the Kevin-Varley divider.

The Bridge is described in detail in the Post about the Kevin-Varley Voltage Divider project.


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